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New WAR dev interviews have a slightly different tone

Brooke Pilley

MMO studios are often chided, if not outright derided, for sounding as though their words are being translated by a public relations or marketing babel fish. Fans must commonly navigate on-message superlatives while trying to seek out nuggets of real information. Mythic Entertainment has never been entirely immune to this, especially during their Warhammer Online pre-launch communications.

Frank of the the Overly Positive blog recently picked up a slight change in tone from the WAR developers though. In a series of interviews with Gaar, it seems as though they are cutting through the marketing-speak and discussing things plainly and openly. Some might claim that it's too little too late or that Mythic has finally come to terms with their current situation, however, few can argue that it isn't a breath of fresh air and a step in the right direction. Step One is to admit there is a problem, right?

As for what you'll learn from the interviews themselves, there's actually quite a bit. Josh Drescher shines some light on Mythic's thought process moving forward with the game and Nate Levy explains some of the issues the Combat & Careers team are dealing with specifically.

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