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Risk: Halo Wars gets a bombastic, gameplay-free trailer

Kevin Kelly

There's enough fanfare in this trailer to make Michael Bay proud. Actually, make that a pre-CGI Michael Bay. Probably a film school-era Michael Bay. It has all the bombast and fanfare of a Michael Bay movie, just without all of the extremely fast intercutting and multiple explosions. We talked about Risk: Halo Wars back in January, and it's slowly but surely becoming a reality.

According to the game's website, it's due out in August 2009 -- which is right now, last time we checked the calendar. One word to the creators: give us a trailer showing some actual gameplay, and not just rotating views of the gamepieces and some concept art. Maybe you can even hire an aging celebrity to be in a commercial for the game, just like Milton Bradley did with Dark Tower back in the day.

Just a thought.

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