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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ's development turned to new studio


With most of its legal issues over, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ is ready for a comeback next year under developer Commotion Interactive. The game was previously being created by Activision's 7 Studios, but after a very messy legal entanglement, Scratch DJ Game, LLC -- a joint venture between Numark Industries and Genius Products -- was given the Scratch source code and tools under court order to proceed with development.

Commotion's job now is to get the game out for Xbox 360 and PS3 by "early 2010." A representative for Numark informed us that the Scratch Deck peripheral will remain the same, but couldn't confirm whether it would be compatible with DJ Hero. We've also been told the game has taken a slightly different (visual) artistic direction and that new screenshots should be available in the coming weeks.

We were also curious about the music selection and licensing in Scratch. MTV Games is the licensing muscle for Harmonix's Rock Band, while Activision has gotten good at licensing with Guitar Hero. Who is Scratch adding to its roster? "Our team is doing a great job of handling the music licensing," the representative said. "We already have agreements with; Kanye West, Run DMC, Outkast and others, with more announcements to come."

With DJ Hero set for this year under the mighty marketing banner of Activision, Scratch will definitely need that special magic to make a commotion upon release.

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