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Steam celebrates nudity, Witcher Director's Cut discounted 30 percent

If you missed out on CD Projekt's well-received RPG The Witcher, there's two fairly compelling reasons to rectify your oversight:
  1. Steam has cut the price of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition by 30 percent, bringing the game's cost to an extremely reasonable $27.99.
  2. The game recently received a Director's Cut which patches in more female and male nudity than your fragile little brain could possibly comprehend. We're talking oodles of unclothed bathing suit areas, folks.
This particular Steam markdown is running until Wednesday, August 12. Players who already possess the Enhanced Edition can download the Director's Cut patch for free. In summation: Free nudity. FREE NUDITY. (Sorry, just trying to wrangle some traffic from unsavory Google searches.)

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