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The Punisher: No Mercy demo, patch coming soon


PlayStation Network-exclusive The Punisher: No Mercy didn't exactly impress the critics, nor did it light up the PSN sales charts. However, that's not stopping developer ZEN Studios from continuing their work on the game. Speaking to Joystiq, ZEN Studios' managing director Zsolt Kigyossy admitted there were some problems with the game's online functionality, but thought the overall game was a good value. "With No Mercy, our main focus was to create an old school FPS with exceptional value and a solid online multiplayer experience that included the style and grit from the Punisher MAX franchise, and we feel we've accomplished this."

"However we do understand there are a few issues with online lag time and such, but we've been working on a patch to fix these problems and it's expected to be available very soon," Kigyossy continued. In addition to a new patch, the team is also working on delivering a free downloadable demo for the game "so consumers can test the game before they purchase it."

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