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Amzer issues embarrassingly gigantic Palm Pre extended batteries

Darren Murph

Look at that. Just look at that. Do you have the slightest idea what that is? No, it's not a wired optical mouse. It's not a smartphone from circa 1985. It's a Palm Pre with a battery that just might last until you're six feet under if you choose not to chat much. After one-upping Seidio's 1,350mAh battery with a 1,400mAh version, the company has now hit back with a new duo that redefines your vision of "bulging." Both the 2,800mAh and 3,800mAh cells ship with (and thus require) new backplates to contain the extra girth, and neither of them support Palm's Touchstone charger. PreThinking is currently testing 'em out, but considering that it just might be 2015 before they're able to report any results, they've hosted up a litany of product shots for the time being. Head on down to the read link if you're looking for laughs.

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