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Every kind of player's guide to Patch 3.2

Zach Yonzon

If you've been hiding under a rock these past few months (and who doesn't do that every now and then, really?) you might have only just noticed that Patch 3.2 recently went live. For some of you, it's as good an excuse as any to log back into the game while for others, it might've been a surprise to find yourself suddenly downloading upwards of 300Mb of content. If you fall under the category of surprised, lost, or surprised and lost, have no fear! is here to hold your hand and guide you through the wild and wacky wonders of the Call of the Crusade. Let's take a look at what the latest patch holds for you - and there's something for you no matter what kind of player you are - after the jump.

If you're a serious raider you probably won't need this guide. But since you're reading this far, I'm assuming you're waiting between trash pulls or just got back into WoW after some form of hiatus. It's most likely the latter because, surprise, the newest raid has no trash! But really, raiders can look forward to:

  • Really easy raid content in four crazy tiers! 10-man, Heroic 10-man, 25-man, and Heroic 25-man! Although you might need to wait a bit before Blizzard unlocks the heroic modes.
  • Tier 9, the first faction-specific tier armor, which is only available through tokens that drop from the new raid bosses and for loads of Emblems of Triumph.
Alright, there's not a lot going on for hardcore raiders. I guess you can crawl back under that rock until Icecrown comes out in Patch 3.3.

This patch is for you. No, seriously, this patch, more than any other, has made it easier to gear up with casual play. Don't believe me? How about if I told you you could be wearing Tier 8 just by doing Heroics? I know! Crazy, right? Next thing you know, they'll be tossing Emblems of Triumph your way, too, just so you can get Tier 9! Oh wait, they're already doing that!
  • Lots of Heroics! Heroic dungeon bosses and now drop Emblems of Conquest, which is also the reward for the daily dungeon quest. Remember how you used to farm heroics like crazy for badges back in the Burning Crusade? It's kind of like that, but better. The Heroic daily dungeon quest awards a pair of Emblems of Triumph, for a taste of Tier 9 goodness. After three months of doing it straight, I mean.
  • A Ring of Blood-style 5-man dungeon, the Trial of the Champion. There are bosses and stuff. Yeah.
  • A few more Daily Quests, if you're into that. There's also the Northrend Children's Week, which allows you to get either a baby Gorloc or a baby Wolvar. I recommend helping out the Gorloc kid because, well, the Wolvar are bastards.
  • Speaking of little pet things, Blizzard sprinkled seven baby Ravasaurs which you can obtain simply by killing their mothers! So go around Azeroth and slaughter some lizards. Collect them all, kind of like Pokémon, except with lots of killing.
  • Speaking of killing lizards, here's more reason for you to kill those nasty little raptors: a new lizard mount! Head over to Un'goro and prepare to do dailies for about twenty days. Just don't kill them too fast.
  • Finally, you can work on honing your Professions, since there's just a whole bunch of recipes and new goodies in this patch, specially if you're a Jewelcrafter or Engineer. That's not a typo, I really wrote Engineer. I mean, they get a freaking butler.
Yep. There's just a bunch of stuff any casual player can do this time around. Patch 3.2 is sure to keep your days filled - if you're not running heroics, you're doing some daily. And killing lizards in between.

Ooh, this patch is for you, too. Actually, this patch is probably one of the biggest PvP patches in a long while. A new Battleground? Sure! How about something for twinks? Yep, it's in here. PvP freaks can look forward to a couple of huge things:
  • The Isle of Conquest, a new 40-man (per side) Battleground, makes its smashing debut in this patch. It's crazy fun, trust me. I mean, it prompted me to draw a comic! Yeah, it's that good. At any rate, Achievement junkies can work on getting a tabard.
  • Twink heaven. You can now turn off experience gain to revel in the joy of having the best-in-slot gear... forever! I mean, sure, you're only Level 29 or something and you don't get to fly or Arena or even do the Isle of Conquest... but hey, whatever floats your twink boat, man.
  • On the flip side, players can now gain experience in the Battlegrounds! Hate questing? Can't stand grinding? Well, then play Battlegrounds! It's now possible to level from 10 to 80 entirely through PvP! I mean, of course your character will probably end up completely one-dimensional, unloved by important factions, and have more Honor than she can ever spend, but it's another thing for the crazies to do, right? Right. Because I think I'm crazy enough to do it myself.
Not bad, right? Season 7 is also coming... soon®. It's a pretty good patch, actually. Heck, maybe they'll make PvP gear as easy to get as Tier 8 when the new system finally rolls around. Who knows? Blizzard's been smoking some weird things lately.

As you can see, there are a whole bunch of things for everyone to do this weekend. Well, except for hardcore raiders, who have an underwhelming raid dungeon to tide them over until Arthas bends over to take it up the wazoo from the casual sword. Have a nice weekend, everyone! Even you hardcore folks, although that probably means you should go out and see a movie or something.

WoW's Patch 3.2 ushers in the Crusaders' Coliseum, the Isle of Conquest, flying mounts at 60, and much more. has all the patch information your Worgen obsessed mind can handle in's Guide to Patch 3.2!

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