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GameFly listing may indicate Dragon Age: Origins delay [update: it's official]

Justin McElroy

Now, before you panic, just take a moment a listen to us. We're going to get you through this. Yes, Shacknews is reporting that GameFly has listed Dragon Age: Origins for Nov. 3 and Nov. 19 on the 360 and PS3 respectively, but that's only two to four weeks after its current October 20 release date. That's not so bad, is it?

Besides, we're not even sure this definitely means the game will be late coming to retail -- it could just be a GameFly oddity. We've put the word out to BioWare for confirmation and we'll let you know as soon as we hear something. For now, let's all just take a nice, deep breath. OK?

[Update: Just heard from BioWare's Erik Einsiedel on this: "We're still targeting an October 20 release date. If that were to change, we'd issue a press release."]

[Update 2: Well, it's not a press release, but we just spoke with BioWare's senior PR manager, Matt Atwood, who confirmed that all versions of Dragon Age: Origins will arrive in November. The developer's official word on the revised dates: "We are pleased to announce that Dragon Age: Origins will be released on November 3 in North America and November 6 in Europe for Xbox 360 and PC. The PlayStation 3 version of the game will follow later in November."]

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