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KoTec 'very interested' in motion control for Ninja Gaiden

One of the highlights of the motion controller demo during Sony's E3 2009 press conference was a swordplay sequence that seemed to handle magnificently. Koei Tecmo must have been paying attention -- in a recent interview with Play Magazine, KoTec's Kenji Matsubara explained the developer is "very interested" in adapting the Ninja Gaiden franchise to work with the new motion sensitive peripheral.

However, Matsubara explained that there are some barriers to clear before said adaptation takes place -- namely, he wants to "know how responsive it is," adding that "if you're swinging your arms around like you're using a sword you will soon be tired." Yeah, no kidding. Had the controller already been usable in one of the next-gen Gaiden titles, the games' infamously difficult Hard mode would cause the world's shoulder dislocation rate to skyrocket.

[Via NowGamer]

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