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MMO documentary "Second Skin" debuts in theaters today

Shawn Schuster

It's not often that we talk about movies here on Massively, but the new(ish) documentary entitled Second Skin is definitely right up our alley. Today marks the debut of Second Skin in select theaters across the United States, as well as a free showing of the film at various websites.

Is the movie worth seeing if you're heavily into MMOs? Well, we try not to do reviews here (MMO reviews at least), but I would say it's definitely worth checking out if you enjoy MMOs even a tiny bit. The film showcases the lives of several MMO gamers (mostly WoW and EverQuest) to show how these games have affected their lives. There's a fairly good balance of good and bad, showing everything from the marriage of people who met in these games to a tragic suicide that was blamed on an MMO. Check it out all this week online at Fancast or SnagFilms, or at participating theaters across America.

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