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Rogers signs up for the Nokia Surge?

Chris Ziegler

It shouldn't come as a surprise that leaked lineup documents suggest Rogers has an eye on Nokia's Surge; Rogers has a pretty good relationship with Nokia, after all, and the Surge is the kind of device that pretty much any text-savvy carrier with an established rapport with Nokia would be looking into. What might be more of a surprise is that they'll apparently be launching it as the 6790 Surge -- Nokia's global designation for the device -- as opposed to the simpler "Surge" preferred by AT&T. After AT&T's move we'd taken 6790 as more of a European branding, but hey, props to Rogers for keeping it real and letting Nokia roll with its traditional scheme. No word on availability yet, but we'll allegedly be looking at CAD $89.99 (about $83) on a new three-year agreement when it finally does launch.

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