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Rumor: Raystorm remake and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure coming to XBLA

Taito's had a glut of classic-title remakes hit current-gen consoles as of late -- and if a recent rumor proves to be true, its streak shows no signs of stopping. NeoGAF user Shard recently posted some supposedly leaked images from the developer's next project -- an Xbox Live Arcade version of PS1 top-down shoot-em-up Raystorm (aptly titled Raystorm HD).

Mr. Shard also supposedly dug up images of an XBLA version of Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure, a recent WiiWare release. That's great and all, but we're far more intrigued by the possibility of a renovated version of Taito's classic shooter, which features weaponized lightning. We've contacted Taito to see if they'll comment on the rumored screens. Stay tuned!

[Via GamerBytes]

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