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Shatter demo in the works, multiplatform release 'likely'


In spite of an admittedly small "publicity effort" by developer Sidhe, Shatter has sold quite well on the PlayStation Network so far, with sales of around 30,000. Critics have been quite nice to Shatter's modern re-imagining of the classic Breakout formula, praising its "clever game mechanics" and "incredible original soundtrack." It's the type of game that warrants a playable demo -- and that's exactly what Sidhe is working on now. "We will be making a demo available down the line for those gamers on the fence," managing director Mario Wynands told Gamasutra.

Further down the line, Sidhe is looking into porting Shatter onto other platforms. "Shatter is not exclusive to PSN," Wynands stated. "But Sony is offering the combination of good royalties, strong technology, and a well defined process for getting content to market."

Already, the team has "working builds" of Shatter on PC and XBLA, thanks to the cross-platform functionality of Sony's free PhyreEngine. Wynands says the team is "reviewing the situation to see whether it makes sense to continue investing in those versions," but also admits that a cross-platform release is "likely." That's a good thing too. We'd love to see Shatter end up in as many hands as possible.

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