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Tales of Monkey Island continues on August 20


Telltale has announced that the next chapter of Tales of Monkey Island, Siege of Spinner Cay, will be out on PC on August 20. The developer wasn't as precise with the details of the WiiWare release, but, according to the announcement, it will be "timed close to the PC release."

This is, perhaps, what we like best about Telltale's episodic approach -- it gives us the satisfaction of buying a new adventure game every month or so, even though we're actually only buying another part of the same adventure game. After an eight-year wait for a new Monkey Island, we're enjoying the novelty of purchasing new games in the series almost as much as we're enjoying playing them.

Should you be stuck in the first game, and in need of some help to get you ready for the second, Telltale posted a walkthrough for Launch of the Screaming Narwhal.

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