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Unbagging: Joshua Topolsky


Unbagging is a new feature inspired by one of our favorite Flickr groups: what's in your bag? The premise is simple -- empty out your bag, arrange what's inside, and snap a photo. Engadget will be taking a look inside the bags of some of the people we know and love in the tech world, combining our two favorite pastimes of gadgetry and voyeurism. Want to be included? Send an email to unbagging [at] engadget [dot] com with your submissions!

Who better to kick off Unbagging with, right? In the picture above you'll note Josh's Leatherman, dual EV-DO cards, heart pills, vast array of phones (all active, mind you), and totally awesome Ray-Ban Wayfarer IIs. Before you ask: yes, he does carry all this stuff around. Take a look at the full rundown of assets after the break.

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In the bag:

  • Steven Harrington sleeve
  • Jack Spade laptop bag
  • Wayfarer II sunglasses
  • Eyeglass case
  • "Businessman" cards
  • Mini USB cable
  • Apple in-ear headphones
  • MacBook Pro (with laser-etched logo)
  • iPhone 3GS
  • Palm Pre
  • BlackBerry 8830
  • G1
  • Logitech V550 mouse
  • Canon SD790 IS
  • Moleskine notebooks (ruled and datebook)
  • Parker pen
  • Extra battery
  • Leatherman Wave
  • Sprint EV-DO card
  • Verizon EV-DO card
  • Tea tree oil toothpicks
  • Chapstick
  • Prescription medication
  • Aliph Jawbone (inside gray case)
  • Adapter
  • Sony voice recorder
  • Various plugs / backup SD card
  • Elgato turbo.264 HD

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