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Bounty Bay Online expansion "Beyond the Horizon" coming Q4 2009

William Dobson

Frogster has announced that the next Bounty Bay Online expansion, titled Beyond the Horizon, is just ... well, beyond the horizon. Beyond the Horizon will add six cities to the game, as well as five character classes of a brand new type called 'professions'. Our favorite of the new professions (based solely on the name) would have to be the 'Armed Businessman'. He's not a sleazy criminal, he's a businessman; but if a deal is going south, you better believe he's got the equipment to take care of himself. The other four professions are Treasure Hunter, Royal Military Officer, Imperial Guardian and Caribbean Pirate.

There's a whole host of other features planned for the free expansion: a wedding system, new merchant factions with rewarding quest-lines, extra mini-games, and pets. There will also be a rankings system to help sort the wheat from the chaff, showing who the richest players are, as well as the best guilds, fighters, and fishermen. Beyond the Horizon is scheduled to be released in Q4 this year. A new site devoted to the expansion is up, but it looks like most of the site's links aren't available just yet.

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