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Guild Wars' August update targets underpowered skills

William Dobson

While there wasn't a proper skills update last month in Guild Wars, the one prior to that did a lot to improve underpowered skills for the Ritualist and Paragon professions. For August's update, which is now live, the Arenanet dev team opted to continue their assault on weak abilities. Some of the more significant changes made were:

  • Assassins have had their area-of-effect damage options increased
  • Improvements were made to Rangers pets (for PvE only)
  • Dervishes had their survivability improved somewhat
  • The Elementalists Air Magic line was made more useful for PvE, and Earth Magic was given more offense options for PvP
Check out the latest Guild Wars Developer Update to get all the details on August's PvE and PvP balances, or see the patch notes in their entirety here.

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