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Guitar Hero 5 allows song imports from previous games, features playable Johnny Cash

We've been blown away by the effort Activision and Neversoft have put into making Guitar Hero 5 actually worth playing -- but their most recent move may be their wisest yet. A recent IGN preview of the title revealed the game will allow players to import "some" of the tracks from World Tour and Smash Hits into GH5 (and Band Hero) for a small fee. In addition, 125 of World Tour's 128 DLC tracks will automatically work in the two upcoming rhythm titles. Of all the features to borrow from Rock Band 2, the removal of bothersome disc-swapping is one of the best.

For those who aren't particularly thrilled by this piece of news, try this one on for size: Johnny Cash will be a playable character in Guitar Hero 5. There's a video of the black-suited man performing "Ring of Fire" after the jump. We suggest checking it out -- but only if you like things that are completely badass.

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