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Kid plays Guitar Hero while solving two Rubik's Cubes

We frequently like to joke that people who show remarkable adeptness at Guitar Hero are actually robots, but as you might imagine, we don't really mean it. However, after viewing a recent video (posted after the jump) showing a young man who not only plays through Ozzy Osborne's "Mr. Crowley" on Expert, but solves two Rubik's cubes while doing so, the only logical explanation we can come to is that his deft hands and keen mind must be composed of wires, servos and cold, unfeeling steel.

By the way, if you happen to speak ill of this young automaton's abilities due to his only receiving a score of 77 percent on the song, we're going to punch you in the heart. We may even call you a "stupid jerk," depending on how much of our ire you end up evoking.

[Via Kotaku]

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