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Sony's Party-shot dock crashes faux festivities to prove its potential for automated blackmail

Ross Miller

You probably already know exactly how each and every one of your friends would feel about seeing an autonomous robot photographer at your next shindig. Crave Asia managed to snag one of Sony's new Party-shot docks for the office, and while the set up is described in an almost heartbreaking tone -- "We've got the lights, we've got the disco ball, but unfortunately we've got no friends," says the narrator -- you do get a pretty good feel for how the gizmo would work in a more celebratory setting. The swivel seemed to move a lot slower than we expected it to, although we can't be convinced without seeing it firsthand in a setting with more than two people. Now all that's left to prepare for is how to convince your camera shy guests that there'll be enough narcissistic attendees blocking the lens anyway. Video beyond the gates of the read link.

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