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Intel's Core i5 750 spotted in the box, hastily removed and photographed

Tim Stevens

If you're itching to get your hands on Intel's latest mid-range supremo, here's another good sign. Last week it was a dual-retail listing of the so-called 570 entrant of the upcoming Core i5 line, now we have pictures of the 750's retail box and specs -- making us wonder if, perhaps, those two retailers don't share a case of mild dyslexia. This new source has a definite case of Русский язык, but from what we can glean from our high-school Russian lessons (and a little help from The Googles) this is, again, a 2.66GHz chip with 8MB of cache that's due in the very near future. This site mentions the price as "estimated at $196," a bit cheaper than we've seen so far and perhaps good tidings for bargains to come. Stay tuned for more info on that front, but go ahead and click on over for more pictures of this chip and its companion heat sink.

[Thanks, Doniyor]

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