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Jim Lee and Marv Wolfman speak on DC Universe Online experiences


When you are making a game based on some of the best comic book heroes of all time, it only makes sense that you bring in some of the best talent from the comic industry to help you in your endeavors. Enter Marv Wolfman and Jim Lee, two men who know their DC Comics. Marv has written for the New Teen Titans and the current iteration of Robin while Jim Lee started his art career with Punisher: War Journal and Alpha Flight. Currently, Marv Wolfman is writing for DC Universe Online while Jim Lee sits in the creative director's chair.

Carolyn Koh from recently caught up to both Marv and Jim and had the opportunity to ask them some questions about what will be seen in the game, how closely it will tie into the current run of DC Comics, and some of their favorite gaming experiences. If you're looking for a sneak-peek into what may be in store for DCUO and what goes on in the minds of these two men, look no further than these interviews hosted over at

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