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Samsung m850 Dash for Sprint finds itself flush with FCC approval

Chris Ziegler

That slick, shiny, Instinct-ish m850 Dash that first broke on invisibleSHIELD's site a few months back has been refreshed to the forefront of our memory today thanks to the good ol' boys and girls at the FCC. We can't really make anything of the filing beyond the fact that it'll have EV-DO, Bluetooth, and WiFi (nice), but we did find it interesting that the Samsung dude working to get the phone approved specifically says "We'd appreciated [sic] it if you would issue Grants ASAP," suggesting that someone -- say, Sprint, for instance -- is in a rush to get this puppy to market. With the s30 down below, the business case for the Dash (or whatever the go-to-market name ends up being) is a tricky one -- especially with an onslaught of Android gear on the way from these guys -- but we imagine they'll sell a few.

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