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Actor's resume lists Rocksteady-developed 'Hitman5'


According to the resume of actor Mark Sloan, Rocksteady Studios – the London-based developer behind Batman: Arkham Asylum – is bringing its British sensibilities to the next Hitman game, titled, well, Hitman5. Sloan's resume indicates that he performed motion capture work for the game.

Both of Rocksteady's other games, Urban Chaos: Riot Response and Batman: Arkham Asylum, have been for publisher (and partial owner) Eidos, so it isn't much of a stretch to believe that the developer would get a crack at a major Eidos property like Hitman. Presumably, series developer IO Interactive has its hands full with the Kane & Lynch sequel and Mini Ninjas.

What's harder to believe is that the same Mark Sloan is responsible for the "Soft Mark," "Pushy Mark," "Chatty Mark," and "Menacing Mark" audio performances in the resume. Such range!

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