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AT&T's LG Shine 2 in the wild

Chris Ziegler

We've know for a while that AT&T's had an eye on launching a successor to the Shine -- an obvious move, considering that the first model has been immensely successful for the carrier -- but we weren't too sure what form it'd take. Early launch documents suggested that AT&T might just take LG's KF510 and slap a few logos on it, but if you look at what we've got here, that's decidedly not the case. In fact, the Shine 2 (if that's the launch name) really doesn't look a whole lot different from the original, and judging from the smallish outline of the display that you can vaguely make out, it'll stay firmly planted in midrange pricing territory. As far as we know, it's still slated for launch later this year -- but can't we please have a BL40 to go along with it?

[Thanks, Ahres]

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