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Capcom offers up $40 Platinum Hits Triple Pack for Xbox 360


If your gaming time has been sorely missing some Capcom TLC, then know the company is set to offer up a few of its older titles in one Xbox 360 package. Starting September 8, gamers can snatch up Capcom's Platinum Hits Triple Pack, which is pretty much just that: A package containing Dead Rising; Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition; and Devil May Cry 4.

It's all well and good to try and introduce gamers to some of your almost-classics, but we think Capcom seriously missed a chance to get some Bionic Commandos out there into the world. Yes, we get it's a Platinum Hits bundle, but what could you possibly be doing with all those discs, Capcom? Building a fort in the break room?

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