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T-Mobile to start charging $1.50 for the pleasure of slaughtering a tree in cold chlorophyll

Chris Ziegler

Just how bad do you want a bill in the snail mail? Companies big and small have been putting serious effort for some time into getting consumers to bypass their paper bills in favor of "e-bills," "eco-bills," "paperless statements," and all other manner of semi-trademarkable terms for the same thing: getting your passive-aggressive request for payment in your email inbox, saving a tree (and postage) in the process. Now, T-Mobile's taking it to the next level and charging a whopping buck fifty for getting your bill the old-fashioned way, which by our rough calculation significantly exceeds the bulk postage they're paying to mail it out. Of course, the effort is as much about being environmentally conscious as it is about covering T-Mobile's costs, but still -- we bet they'll make themselves a little extra coin every month out of this deal.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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