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Vote for your favorite Assassin's Creed 2 achievement

On its official forum, Ubisoft is giving gamers the chance to vote for a future Achievement/Trophy in Assassin's Creed 2 -- otherwise known as one of the few games not delayed into 2010. The choices are:
  • "The Taste of Revenge" -- Kill X Brutes (heavy guard)
  • "Weapon Master" -- Use all weapons at least once
  • "Victory Lies in Preparation" -- Get all available upgrades for Ezio
  • "Mighty Traveler" -- Travel X kilometers within the game
Currently, "Victory Lies in Preparation" is leading the pack with 45% of the vote. While the available choices are your garden variety in-game accomplishments, the contest gives gamers a chance to participate in the wonderful world of game development! Seriously. Look for your name in the credits ... it will totally be there. Voting ends August 17, so get to it.

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