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Aragorn's Quest bumped to most popular release quarter of all time

A recent Warner Bros. press release has revealed the cuteified Lord of the Rings RPG Aragorn's Quest will follow the example of a number of big-name titles, moving from its inital launch window of fall 2009 into spring 2010. Based on the screenshots we've seen from the game, we're guessing they accidentally used up all the color in the world, and are now scrambling to find new sources of brilliant hues.

We worried that this adorable adventure might get swept away in the burgeoning first quarter of next year, as it's set to face off with some extremely hyped, sometimes jetpack-equipped giants. However, it's filling the somewhat uninhabited niche of "family-friendly co-op RPGs set in a colorful, pint-sized reimagination of a historically bleak and robust fantasy world," so, you know. It might do okay.

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