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Atom-based Inhand FireFly SBC promises netbook-level performance at a "fraction" of the power


SBCs (or single board computers) may not always be the most exciting components around, but it looks like InHand Electronics has managed to break out from the pack a bit with its new FireFly board, which the company claims is the world's "smallest and most power efficient full-function Atom-based SBC." That translates to a total power consumption of about 4.5 Watts in actual numbers (or 500mW in sleep state) and, just as notably, it apparently boasts some performance that's "comparable" to your average Atom-based Dell Mini netbook. What's more, unlike some other similar boards, the FireFly packs both on-board DDR2 and expansion capabilities, which not only broadens the potential product base for it, but could also mean that the eventual products will be smaller than your average handheld / UMPC / MID as well.

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