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Champions Online open beta and early start schedule revealed

Kyle Horner

Cryptic Studios has announced the open beta and head start schedule for Champions Online. It's actually a very nice setup. Here's the rundown:

  • August 16th: closed beta servers wiped.
  • August 17th: open beta begins, servers taken down nightly from 1am-3am PDT.
  • August 24th: servers shut down at 10am PDT and wiped for early start.
  • August 28th: early start begins, allowing GameStop and Best Buy pre-orders to play before the Sept. 1st launch.

Players involved with the early start can defeat special enemies who drop unique items only available until September 1st. Cryptic hasn't said what these items are going to be, so we're in the dark until the early start begins -- or they decide to share that information early.

We're definitely (unfortunately?) going through GameStop for the early start, as some of us will be in Seattle at PAX during launch and don't want to miss out on powering up our superheroes beforehand. Plus, we're pretty impatient when it comes to our MMOs. It just goes with the job, really.

Best Buy customers will also receive early start access. Our apologies!

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