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DiRT 2 Achievement takes off-putting meme off-road


Though "meme" is perhaps a euphemistic label for the lurid mental virus that is "Two Girls, One Cup" (don't Google that if the phrase sounds foreign), we're nonetheless pleased to see Codemasters taking the piss out of the fecal internet documentary and turning it into something more wholesome and rewarding: an Achievement (slash Trophy)!

Witness the "Two Cups One Girl" Achievement, awarded in the upcoming off-roader, DiRT 2, for winning two team events with the same female teammate. Looking over the game's 47 pop-up awards, you'll also spot a Ghostbusters reference, a pun or two, and a joke that requires cursory knowledge of The Karate Kid. It's like they made this just for the internet.

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[Thanks, Merkaba]

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