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Razer announces line of 'tournament-grade' StarCraft II peripherals (and also a bag)


Serious StarCraft players know the best way to play: using peripherals that have the StarCraft logo, of course. Razer has announced that it will cater to these hardcore gamers with a line of StarCraft II peripherals, including a mouse, keyboard, and headset.

According to the press release, the devices will actually be a little more than cheap USB peripherals with the logo on them: Razer is working with Blizzard to develop the line, which will have "unique exclusive features to cater to the StarCraft II community." They should be really good thanks to the extra time the two companies have to work on them.

Razer is also releasing a StarCraft II messenger bag, which may or may not also be "tournament-grade." Lucky ticket buyers and Ozzy Osbourne will be able to get a look at the bag at BlizzCon.

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