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Stop what you're doing and listen to the Nintendo Mixtape


Doing yard work? Put down the rake. In the middle of intense litigation? Drop it. Giving birth? Hold it in. Whatever you're doing, you need to stop right now and listen to the Nintendo Mixtape. Created by New York hip hop group, No Question? (warning: MySpace link), the Got Game? album sets all of its tracks to mixes of 8-bit Nintendo music and phat beats. And it's awesome. We suggest you start with "Double Dragons" -- we've embedded its video after the break. For those at work, keep in mind that the video and some lyrics are a tad inappropriate. That said, if your boss hears this and does anything other than give you a promotion on the spot, he has no soul.

Oh, and the entire album can be yours for the reasonable price of nothing. Yeah, you're welcome.

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