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Street Fighter IV joystick phone straps push our buttons [update]


[Update: Strapya's US branch is taking pre-orders as well!]

Japanese phone strap retailer StrapyaNext just started accepting pre-orders for the most awesome cell phone accessories ever (next to the Hello Kitty/Space Invaders charm, of course). These tiny joysticks, in Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, and Chun Li versions, play Street Fighter IV voice clips in response to the correct button command.

For example, if you input down, right, and punch on the Ryu Real Voice Action Cell Phone Strap, it will play "Hadouken!" The same movement on the Dhalsim charm will play "Yoga Fire!" And then you can tell the person you're talking to on the phone that you need to hang up because your close, personal friends Ryu and Dhalsim have arrived.

These straps, limited to 1,000 each, will also be sold at the Ikebukuro Tokyu Hands shop, and at the Tokyo Game Show, for ¥1,260 ($13).

[Via GAME Watch]

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