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Stygian Abyss launching for Ultima Online Sept. 8th

Kyle Horner

Those of you playing the long-running Ultima Online will be happy to know that its eighth expansion, Stygian Abyss, will launch on September 8th. The expansion comes in two flavors, one for $40 that includes a month of playtime or one for $30 that doesn't. This is a digital expansion, so players won't have to drive on down to a brick and mortar store for their copy.

Gargoyles are being added as a new player race, which means many of us can live out our late 90s afternoon cartoon fantasies -- we'll be named something like G0lie4th. Also being added are new enemies and arenas, one which Mythic has claimed is the game's largest dungeon ever. Subscribing players can check out the expansion during an open beta running from August 14th to the 23rd, just in case you need a little try before you buy.

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