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WoW Moviewatch: World of Gnomecraft


Warning: This review doth containeth spoilers.

It's certainly been a gnome-centric week here at WoW Moviewatch, as the good Baron Soosdon has been especially prolific with his releases lately. But, World of Gnomecraft is a great way to end that gnome-spree. The good Baron created this video as something special for the 150th video-show of the German web magazine, And now, the machinima has been released into an unsuspecting world.

The plot summary is easy: Gnomes are tired of getting punted and abused by the Horde and Alliance alike. Partnering with their unique machine friends, the Gnome nation breaks bad on the tallfolk of Azeroth. They're not going to take it. No, they're not gonna take it anymore. Be sure to check out the special guest appearance by Thrall and Jaina.

This video is awesome. Even the Horde have to cheer when the Gnome assassin delivers a little something special to Varian Wrynn. My only regret about reviewing World of Gnomecraft is that I can't do a voice-over for it. "In a world where Gnomes are abused, one man stands against a million. Coming this summer!" I don't think that kind of cheese-filled voice over would be out of place, since the Gnomes deliver at least one Baysplosion!

So yeah, in the end, I really liked this. It kind of made my day brighter.

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