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Breakfast Topic: What do you think about Onyxia's return?

Lesley Smith

Onyxia is one of the greatest NPCs of vanilla WoW, from a lore, quest chain and raid perspective. Hands up how many of you have done the quest line to completion? Who visited Blackrock Spire? Who unmasked Katrana Prestor as the giant black Broodmother she truly was? Who got the key and then headed into the depths of Dustwallow Marsh? Who survived? Given my dragon fixation/interest/obsession, I was always keen to kill her. I would have completed the quest chain but for a little bug on the final quest. Still, it was easy enough to nip in once the need for a key and attunement was dropped. Then Varian Wrynn finished her off.

And now she's back. I don't understand it either but finding out is certainly going to be exciting. Plus there's finally a 310% dragon mount that I actually want. So, constant readers, what do you think about this revelation? How do you think she will be brought back into the picture? Is it just something to keep us entertained until patch 3.3 or could it be part of the bigger picture? After all, this announcement has come just over a week before BlizzCon. It's gotta mean something, right?

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