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Readers pick best webcomic: The Big Long Persona 4 Comic!

Once again, LiveJournal user and gaming webcomic phenom Hiimdaisy has stumbled upon a winning formula for illustrated ludologial funnies -- take a video game with a ridiculous plot line, and recreate said story with as few panels as humanly possible. Her recent parody of Persona 4 ended up being your favorite webcomic in last week's wrapup by a fairly wide margin.

However, the margin between the second place finisher, "Unnerving Conserving" by Awkward Zombie, and the third place finisher, "The End of the End" by 2P Start was decidedly un-wide. Just two votes separated these two runners-up. See, your input really matters! If you feel like contributing, leave a link to your favorite gaming-related comic in the comments section, or send in a tip!

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