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Rumor: complete details leaked on WoW expansion 'Cataclysm'


And you'll never guess what happens in it. Author "Boubouille" of MMO-Champion claims to have assembled detailed information on World of Warcraft's next expansion, which reportedly tears the landscape of Azeroth asunder in some sort of ... huge ... disaster ... event ... thing. There's probably a word for that -- might be smart to trademark it.

As pointed out by our sister site, this expansion would be the first to skip over the expected addition of a new continent, instead presenting altered versions of familiar lands. Two new (and previously rumored) races, the Worgen and Goblins, are expected to join the social slayfest, along with more race/class combinations and an 85 level cap.

None of the information has been confirmed by Blizzard, though the supposed premise and additions certainly sound intriguing. Indeed, this Cataclysm sounds quite a bit more fun than the one that recently befell The Matrix Online.


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