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Some copies of Madden 10 missing 'Online Franchise' DLC codes


Developers these days are doing a lot to incentivize those new game purchases over their used counterparts, and Madden 10 is no exception. Those who purchased the game were supposed to receive a downloadable code for the game's "Online Franchise Mode," though reportedly, those in "regions outside of North America," specifically Australia, the UK and "other regions" are getting copies with a missing DLC code.

Panic broke out at EA's forums over the situation, but EA Sports told Joystiq this morning that a fix is on the way. "We are aware of the situation and we're working towards a solution right now," EA's Rob Semsey told us. The one-time use DLC code is supposed to be on the back of the manual in the game's box, but due to the "printing process of the manuals," some folks are getting copies without any code. Worse? The DLC has already landed on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, giving some Madden 10 owners the impression that they were expected to pay for the content -- despite having purchased a new copy on launch day.

EA says we'll get more official word on a solution "very soon," but for now we suggest following Madden 10 lead designer Ian Cummings' tweeted suggestion of calling the customer support line.

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