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WildCharge brings 'wireless' charging to hundreds of devices


We know you're jealous of your friends' ability to charge up their RAZRs and iPhones sans wires, so how would you feel if we told you that WildCharge's newest solution -- the PowerDisc -- would allow you to use its WildCharger with literally hundreds of devices? It's true! All you need to charge your previously incompatible hardware wirelessly is this one little wire that attaches the PowerDisc to the PowerLink adapter for your Nokia, Palm, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Micro USB, or Mini USB device. Available on its own for $19.99 or bundled with the WildCharge pad for $64.99. And it looks like the PowerDisc also includes a lanyard -- we know how much you love lanyards! So, have you ordered one yet or what?

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