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WoW Moviewatch: Forever a Nub


I'm always pleased to see something new from Yumfries, as we've had the good fortune to see his skills develop as he works more and more with WoW machinima. His newest release is Forever a Nub, featuring Wick and PoshJark.

When I listened to the first 15 seconds or so of this song, I found myself thinking "this is the Attack of the AutoTuner!" But quickly thereafter, more complex and deeply intertwined lyrics take the song to another level. It's a shame AutoTune is overused in so much music, because I ultimately felt that Forever a Nub used the technique to great effect. It really put a layer of difference between the performers, and the effect worked very well in my opinion.

The machinima is definitely more ambitious than Yumfries' previous offerings. There's a lot going on in the video, so it's worth an extra watch to catch everything. I especially like the visual transitions from "nub" to "elite," and the various ways Yumfries showed that growth.

Forever a Nub left me with an epic feeling, and I think Yumfries has done an outstanding job growing his productions. I look forward to what's next for the machinimator.

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