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Xbox 360 sells over 9 million in Europe


The Xbox 360 has reached a milestone in Europe, having recently surpassed nine million console sales in the region. Microsoft's Chris Lewis confirmed the figure to MCV, stating that the console now has "about 27 per cent of the current share of the console market." For those of you keepng score at home, that's about a million consoles sold since January.

In fact, Microsoft also boasted that it's the only console to show growth in the region, pointing to the downward slope in sales of the PS3 and Wii. "This calendar year, we're the only console showing positive growth. That's 22 per cent on the first half against a market that is down to a similar margin overall." In fact, there are so many Xbox 360s in Europe now, you could probably build a 15 foot wall around Liechtenstein ... twice.

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