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Pitchford on Borderlands cover: The game 'will blow your mind'


Gearbox Software prez Randy Pitchford says upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter Borderlands will "blow your mind." After issuing the game's daring cover this past week, the development studio head talked to IGN about it and claimed, "The motive is about the goals of a box cover – you want to evoke something, get attention and have something honest to say about the promise of the game."

Though he admits some were worried at Gearbox as well as at publisher 2K Games, he believes it was the right decision to choose that cover in the end. "Judging from the response so far, it looks like it was the right call." We absolutely agree, Mr. Pitchford. Will gamers pick it up at the store this October next to Brütal Legend and other AAA titles? That remains to be seen -- but all these games that have been pushed back to 2010 couldn't hurt, right?

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