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Fox 'Fight Game' interviews Peter Moore on MMA, war with UFC


Aside from stressing the amount of effort that EA Sports is currently putting into the development of upcoming grappler MMA, Peter Moore had nothing but kind words for the sport while talking to Fight Game host Mike Straka (full interview after the break). The real elephant in the room, though, is clearly the less than wonderful relationship between UFC prez Dana White and Moore's development studio -- but when he was asked about the subject, Moore shrugged it off. "Not really my issue ... Dana [White] had come to EA well before I was there."

In addition to doing his best to dodge any flame stoking on Straka's part, Moore pointed out the recent announcement of a newly signed Randy Couture to the game's roster, as well as Jay "The Thoroughbred" Hieron, bringing the MMA player count up to five if our math is right. Applying that same math to the amount of UFC fighters with jobs, the league seems to have just lost two more candidates. Can't we all just get along, fellas?

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