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1 vs. 100 statistics, upcoming events detailed

The first season of the Xbox Live game show sensation that's sweeping the nation is drawing to a close -- if you've yet to check out 1 vs. 100, Microsoft is pulling out all the stops during its last week on the air (August 22 - 29) to try and suck you in. Among the attractions is a free chance for Silver subscribers to try the game out during its last weekend run, and guest appearances by Shadow Complex creative director Donald Mustard, GamerchiX, Major Nelson and internet nerd darling Felicia Day.

Microsoft also released a number of statistics regarding the game's success -- more than 2.5 million people across the globe have downloaded 1 vs. 100, and more than one million Microsoft Points have been handed out to the game's participants. None went to us, though. We tend to crack under interrogative pressure.

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