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ASUS's RT-N13U router wants to make your life as EZ as possible

Vlad Savov

This latest WiFi router from ASUS might not move the goalposts in terms of specs -- 802.11b/g/n wireless, one USB 2.0 and four LAN outputs -- but its big selling point, according to the company, is the management software contained within. The EZ UI is back again, along with EZ QoS, an app for prioritizing bandwidth, and EZ All-in-One Printer sharing, which lets you run a networked printer without the help of a server. Add that to the ability to download without a PC, but with some storage device, plugged in, and you've got a pretty well automated piece of kit. It's already available in Canada for 85 of their Dollars ($77), and we've even tracked down a praise-filled early review for your delectation. Have at it.

[Via Far East Gizmos]

Update: Our keen-eyed readers have spotted Newegg is now selling these routers in the US for $60 plus shipping (Thanks, Ghost_MH).

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