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Breakfast Topic: Did you order the BlizzCon live stream?

Michael Sacco

BlizzCon 2009 is just a few days away now, and unlike previous years, web and fansite coverage of the event might be a little thin (except here, we'll have 13 people at BlizzCon in one way or another). DirecTV has a bit of an embargo on audio/video coverage inside of the convention center, so there'll certainly be less live coverage of the panels and events this year in via that medium -- that is, unless you've subscribed to the live stream that Blizzard's offering with DirecTV. The service promises wide coverage, which hopefully includes all of the panels and the like.

Now, the draw for the stream for some people is, unsurprisingly, the fact that you get a non-combat pet for ordering it -- the same one you get in your goody bag at the actual event. A little piece of the big time, so to speak. Or maybe $40 is the right price for a non-combat pet (six to eight weeks later).

So, have you bought the live stream? Are you boycotting it because of DTV's monopoly on live coverage? If you did buy it, are you in it for the pet or the coverage? Do you just not care about it?

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