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Rare wants to revitalize classic IP with Natal, beat world

While most people were struck with thoughts of the future when Microsoft's motion-control apparatus Project Natal was unveiled, Rare couldn't get its mind off the past. In a recent interview with VideoGamer, 15-year Rare veteran George Andreas explained the device "gives us an opportunity to maybe at some point in the future investigate some of those older IPs."

Andreas was particularly excited about one unnamed Rare franchise which would be "absolutely phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal" if it should incoroporate Natal. He added, "I think it would be an absolutely world-beating product. But we need to explore a little bit more in that direction." Got any ideas? Our money's on Jetpac -- though we suppose a motion-controlled Conker's Bad Fur Day would have its humorous, bawdy merits. Just ... make sure the blinds are closed while you're playing it, okay?

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